Carol Kelley

Carol Kelley

Dr. Carol Kelley is a transformative leader and accomplished superintendent who brings her deep commitment to equity-centered systems to her work. Throughout her career as a classroom teacher, administrator, and superintendent, she has focused on addressing racial, economic, and academic disparities.

As a superintendent, her accomplishments are testaments of her collaborative approach. By working closely with stakeholders, she created a shared vision that helped raise academic achievement for special education students in one district and among black students and special education students in another, effectively narrowing the opportunity gaps in those areas.

Dr. Kelley’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. She is recognized as a national thought-leader and speaker in education, receiving accolades such as the prestigious “Governor’s Teacher Award” from the state of New Jersey and a Distinguished Superintendent recognition award in Illinois.

Her educational journey includes two degrees from University of Pennsylvania – a bachelor’s degree in Systems Science Engineering and a doctorate in Organizational and Educational Leadership from the Graduate School of Education. Additionally, she holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

She recognizes that changing mindsets on the importance of success for every student requires patience and may not always be well-received. However, her advocacy and passion for this remain steadfast. As the motto of her hometown (Philadelphia) encourages us to do, she is dedicated to letting her sisterly love endure through supporting and empowering each student to thrive, surpassing what others may have thought possible.