About Us

Practical, research-based insights for education leaders

EdResearch for Action bridges the gap between education research and practical decision-making. We do this by improving the quality, availability, and use of evidence in education and collaborating with education researchers, policymakers, state and school district leaders, educators, intermediaries, and philanthropy. This approach fosters a more nuanced and effective application of evidence-based strategies in the field.

Our Values

Make Knowledge Accessible

Education leaders are able to make more informed and timely decisions that impact their communities when they are equipped with relevant evidence and knowledge. We make research easy to access, understand, and apply.

Collaborate as Equals

We break down the walls between education practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, because each has their own insights and experiences to contribute. Collaboration is key to improving the education experience for all students.

Prioritize Practicality

Research is only as valuable as it is applicable. That’s why we provide information and partnerships that respond directly to the needs in the field and defer to local decision makers regarding the necessary supports and potential challenges to effective implementation.

Elevate Equity

We actively seek out and listen to the voices of those most proximate to the challenges we are seeking to address. Recognizing that individuals and groups have different experiences, supports, and access within the education system, we promote knowledge, people, and practices that help break down barriers for those facing discrimination in the education system and the research community.

Our Process

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Our Story

Early in the pandemic, our co-founders realized that they were having versions of the same conversation with education leaders across the country: 

“We need to be talking more about the key educational challenges of this moment.” 

“We want to use research to inform our spending and strategy – but we wish it were easier to find and understand.”

“Researchers have been studying these issues for decades. Where can we find the types of guidance we actually need?” 

From these conversations, the Annenberg Institute at Brown University and Results for America developed a partnership around the idea that researchers could more directly answer questions from the field and could engage with policymakers and leaders in a way that was useful and specific enough to inform direct decisions. 

We continue to refine these ideas and to learn from our partners about the best ways to translate research into action. Our team spans organizations and draws on the complementary strengths of each – Annenberg, as a research institute housed at Brown University that works to expand and improve educational opportunities nationwide, and Results for America, as a DC-based non-profit that helps decision-makers at all levels of government harness the power of evidence and data.